Environmental secondary education – Personalized learning through facts & feelings

Climate Class (Klimaklassen) is a new education concept for learners aged 15-20y that emphasizes a student’s individualized learning path in and out of formal classroom settings. By interweaving activities, methods, tools, and topics from various scientific disciplines, design thinking, and aesthetic learning experiences, Climate Class uses blended and inquiry-based learning to promote deep climate awareness and action.

The climate crisis and its impact on the world can be hard to grasp, and even harder to respond to. Climate Class offers a new educational context in which both the intellectual and emotional aspects of the human mind are stimulated. It also offers activity-based and adaptive learning that is future-looking. For this, the four learning pillars THINK, FEEL, DISCUSS, and ACT constitute a methodological framework to promote deep learning and powerful climate action whilst accommodating the urgent need for a more flexible and virtual learning environment.

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Environmental secondary education – Personalized learning through facts & feelings


E-learning course:

  • Academic content: Key climate issues – facts (natural and social sciences)
  • Reflective and affective content: Artworks, short documentaries, essays and poetry

Activity guide book: 

  • Task overview: Activity-based tasks
  • Activity manuals
  • Writing or building project solution

Project room:

  • Submitting project
  • Feedback from peers and teacher
  • Final reflection task



  • Understand the main environmental issues and their impact on living conditions worldwide.
  • Recognize primary policies and practical initiatives passed to combat climate change.
  • Describe the responsibilities and policies of industries and nations in terms of 2030 goals.
  • Propose new solutions for a more just and sustainable life – big scale and small scale.
  • Make your own climate vow.